Youth Athletic Development Foundation plans to build a youth sports complex in Miami

The project is a 5-7 year plan

After seeing a need in the community of Miami, local businessmen formed the Youth Athletic Development Foundation.

“Our fields, our facilities are very spread out, they’re dated, they’ve gone through a variety of natural disasters, so we feel like we just need to come together as a community to try to make this initiative happen” said Board President, Bryon Machado.

That initiative is to create a brand-new youth sports complex that would be a central location for all youth sports. They proposed the plan to City and County Officials on August 19th.

“The participation levels from youth activities is dropping at a significant rate, an astounding rate that you know how do you stop it? And it doesn’t stop overnight, so we have to hope to turn that around, so we want to make it easier for kids and their parents to get them involved in multiple activities” added Machado.

Machado says the complex will consist of 8 softball/little league fields, 4 baseball diamonds, full soccer and football fields in a variety of sizes, as well as a 120,000 square foot indoor facility.

“That would house a full indoor full-size soccer and football field with mezzanine and ability to hold events there for competition, and then we also have multipurpose sports courts.”
They are also hoping that once the plan is in motion, they can incorporate more sports into utilizing the complex, such as marching band, wrestling, and agricultural events like cattle shows.

The big question for this plan is how the funding will work. It is estimated the project will cost around $10,000,000 to $15,000,000.

“It would be a combination of I would say private grants, private donations, pledges, things like that from the community members and those are really what we’re going to be hoping for is that the community gets behind this” added Machado.

The Executive Director of Visit Miami, Amanda Davis thinks the project would be good for the city.

“I think what they’re looking at, they’re vision, they’re dreaming big and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. It can help the county; it can help the city and it could help the region too.”
She adds that funding will be their biggest challenge but that a new attraction in the area could help Miami grow in the tourism and sports industry.

Machado says their next step is acquiring land with enough acreage to start construction, which they believe they have found within Ottawa County and only a short distance outside of City limits. They then will go into fundraising mode.

“You have to have high aspirations and goals to get to where you want to be, so that’s where we’ve set them and were really confident were going to get there.”
The Project is currently a 5 to 7-year plan.
The Foundation has a golf tournament fundraiser scheduled for October 26th to 27th.

You can find their website here.


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