Young builders compete in Pittsburg

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Some 2nd through 6th graders got the chance to build for first place on Saturday at Pitt state with the help of some colorful building blocks.

The 13th Annual Block Kids competition was back at the Kansas Technical Center at Pitt State.

More than 30 kids were given Legos, aluminum foil, rope, and other items to build a structure that was judged for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.

The creative way the kids describe their creations is one the judging professor’s favorite part of the event.

“(I love) listening to the kids explain their creations because they can be pretty intricate with the details of what they constructed. It gives them a chance to show us their creativity and gives them a chance to come out and have some fun with Legos because every kid loves Legos,” said PSU’s Dennis Audo.

Both Pitt State professors and students helped judge the kids’ projects.