Yes Means No to Taxes on Proposed Missouri Amendment:Those in Service Industries Comment

Yes Means No to Taxes on Proposed Missouri Amendment:Those in Service Industries Comment

Yes means no when it comes to a Missouri amendment issue. The Ozark Gateway Association of Realtors held a campaign rally Thursday night to make sure people understand what the constitutional amendment means. Its ballot language might confuse some voters.

Amendment 4 on the ballot November eighth is an anti-tax measure. Voters usually say no to tax issues on the ballot but Amendment 4 was designed to be a preventative measure according to proponents and to pass limits on adding tax requires a yes vote.

Stacey Sadler who cuts and styles hair for a set price and often get tips believes Amendment 4 would be good for her business.
Amendment 4 would prevent taxing services like hers.
Sadler says that’s important because adding taxes would hurt her and customers. Sadler said, “I think I would have to increase my prices, cause I think people are going to tip less, so I’m going to lose income. So for me to recoup from that I’m going to have to do a price increase.”

Representative Bill White contends the legislature hasn’t proposed any service related taxes. And says the amendment negatively prevents lawmakers from changing the tax code to make it more equitable.
White said, “If we were to go to a non- income tax base, there’s nine states that are doing quite well, this would be something we’d have to do. Cause you have to have money to run the state, but it wouldn’t be adding new additional taxes, it would be shifting a burden from income base to sales tax.”

But Representative Charlie Davis, who operates a computer service business, is for the amendment. He said there is a move in state government underway to tax services and activities that aren’t now.
Davis said, “We’ve seen over the past few years the department of revenue has decided that fitness centers were going to be taxed, yoga training was going to be taxed, things of that nature. And we never intended services to be taxed and unfortunately the department of revenue is doing that.”
Lawmakers argued against taxing fitness clubs to the department of revenue but a department of revenue order for businesses to charge f taxes on delivery of items like appliances was recently sent out after a recent Missouri supreme court ruling.

Local realtors want people to vote yes for amendment 4. They said home costs would go up if services like appraisals, and inspections are someday taxed.
Forrest Stodghill with Crye-Leike Realtors said, “It’s nickel and diming us to death on every little thing from lawn care, to title work, to the commission.”
And while voters usually say no to taxes the opposite is required with amendment 4.
Stodghill said of the confusing ballot language, “I think of it this way, if you want to be protected from future taxes vote, yes.”

Amendment 4 would not prevent current sales taxes on tangible items like cars, trucks and store products from going up in the future.
Election day is November 8th.