Wyandotte Residents Locked In Sycamore Cove By Floodwaters

Wyandotte Residents Locked In Sycamore Cove By Floodwaters
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Wyandotte resident John Mcentire couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

“Love it down here,” he says.

He’s lived along Grand Lake in Sycamore Cove for about a decade.

The area saw major flooding like this back in May, but the water has never been this treacherous.

“This is the second time the water’s been high and this is the highest it’s ever been.”

Currently the only way out is through a bumpy back-road. Some residents have been getting around with ATVs or have been pulled out by tractors. But a couple days ago authorities had to rescue a man trapped in his truck.

“The time they got to him the water was up to his neck.”

Mcentire says he’s not worried about getting out but he is concerned about his neighbors who live just across the way, they’ve been locked in now for just about a week.

“If you were able to go across down here and go down about twenty or thirty yards the road turns to the right and it’s a dirt road, goes down. It’s all underwater. And it turns and goes up the hill. And water is quite a ways up on the hill.”

Mcentire says after the flooding in May the county hasn’t done anything to help.

“They don’t class this as a county road even though it’s got a number on it as a county road. they call it a private road.”

He and his neighbors have tried to improve the roads but so far the community’s efforts have been unsuccessful.

“I went to Lowes and bought a pick-up load of concrete and poured it all around the culvert and everything. And all the neighbors chipped to help me pay for the concrete. But so far the county’s never done anything.”

Authorities have been out making regular checks in the area, but Wyandotte Nation police Chief Ken Murphy says residents have been hesitant to ask for assistance.