Wyandotte Public Schools superintendent shares thoughts on armed teachers

A Wyandotte student studies, protected by a school resource officer

Armed teachers aren’t a new concept in Oklahoma.

State law already lets school districts allow teachers to carry a loaded gun in the classroom, if they’ve obtained an armed security guard license which requires 72-hours of training. But a new bill passed by the state senate would loosen those requirements, instead asking teachers to complete an active-shooter training course with local law enforcement if they want to carry a gun in class with district approval.

As of now, the only officials carrying guns on Wyandotte Public Schools grounds are those working in law enforcement.

“We’re blessed here in Wyandotte, that Wyandotte Nation provides a full time resource officer for us. So we have them on sight. That gives us a lot of comfort,” said Wyandotte Superintendent Troy Gray.

The superintendent for Wyandotte Public Schools made it clear to KOAM that he only speaks for himself, and not the entire school board. He feels the armed school resource officer does a phenomenal job keeping students safe, and as of now, has eliminated the need for armed teachers.

“On a daily basis around here, the bottom line is we’re here to educate children. And we want to be careful about having firearms in the wrong people’s hands,” said Gray.

And while school officials may not have loaded weapons at their sides, that doesn’t mean they aren’t available in case of an emergency.

“Per the law, many of our employees have concealed carry (licenses) and we do know they have guns in the car. They report to us that they have those, so we do have a list,” said Gray.

The Oklahoma Senate bill is an amended Oklahoma House bill, and will have to return to the house to be approved before making its way to the governor’s desk.

The superintendent of Wyandotte Public Schools says, if the new senate bill becomes law, the school board will convene to determine if their current policy concerning armed teachers needs to be amended.