Wounded Warriors Take a Hunting Trip To Remember

Wounded Warriors Take a Hunting Trip To Remember

For these Veterans, hunting with the Peterson Outdoor Ministries is an opportunity for healing and peace.

“Soldiers coming back to the civilian world…I have no words for it. You know, it relieves stress, for the soldiers, lets them decompress while they’re here at the hunt because all they have to worry about is the fellowship that they make and going out on a hunt and having fun,” says Veteran Lee Caine.

According to the Veterans Administration, 22 veterans die of suicide every day. Gatherings such as this work to end this by providing unique opportunities to help injured service men and women.

Outdoor Minister Holzer, who led a Sunday Service after the hunt, says there’s many things about life the soldiers can learn being in the wilderness.

“I think through the outdoors I see many, many parallels.”

Organizers say the point of this weekend was not only to bring soldiers together for a fun weekend of hunting, but to bring them together for a weekend to find meaning and inspiration.

“When i am hunting with these guys you’re safe, you’re secure, and there’s Jesus all around you,” says Specialist Lopez.

For Lopez, this was her second trip hunting with peter son outdoor ministries. She says the friendships she’s built here have changed her life.

“They stay with you, they stay in touch, they make sure everything’s going okay. If you have an issue you can pick up the phone, you can call any one of these guys and women and their right there, there ready to talk to you, they’re ready to help out in any way that you need it,” says Lopez.

The experience has inspired veteran Caine to volunteer his time and help out because the ministry has helped him in a time of need.

‘It warms my heart to see fellow comrades of mine feel the same experience that I have felt and just passing that love on it’s pretty good, it’s a good feeling,” says Caine.

In Pittsburg, Diane Gerstenfeld KOAM NEWS.