World War II Exhibit Opens in Joplin

A close look at World War II is now on display at the Joplin museum.

Allen Shirley collects items and considers himself a passionate amateur historian. He has been collecting for 20 plus years and is the President of the Joplin Historical Society.

“Well I think the thing is almost everybody has some connection to world war two my dad was a world war two vet a lot of people have grandfathers or great uncles there’s a very personal attachment to world war two to people today and I think that’s why they are interested.” Shirley says.

The exhibit features unique and historic hand signed pictures and items by people who fought in World War II.

Shirley says the exhibit honors the sacrifices and accomplishments of our veterans.

Admission to the exhibit is free, and open Tuesdays thru Saturdays in the month of August. Visitors will also have a chance to sign up to win an historic December 8, 1941 newspaper with coverage of the Pearl Harbor attack.