Women’s self defense class hits home for one

The Ali Kemp Educational Foundation
Women’s self defense class hits home for one

98 women attended The Ali Kemp Educational Foundation or T.A.K.E women’s self defense class.

For Casie Herrmann, this class hit home.

“December 19, of 2015, I was attacked..by my roommate’s boyfriend, a man I did not know..really he knew me from my job and it’s just something you’re not prepared for.”

Now physically and mentally recovered from her attack, she wants to help others who have been in her situation.

“We are here to learn from what happens to us and if I can make a difference in anybody’s life whatsoever, pay attention, pay attention and when opportunities present themselves, sieze them.”

The defense class is teaching women and young girls how to protect themselves against a predator.

Executive director and instructor Jill Leiker says knowing personal safety is important.

“The goal is to really emphasize the importance of personal safety and to let women know that not only is there something they can do, the importance of being able to train yourself to know what to do, when to do it.”

Leiker wants women to have a plan in place.

“To really format a plan. You know you’re at the grocery store and something happens, you are at the park and something happens, what would you do at that moment? To be able to try and create some kind of plan at the back of your mind so you don’t feel defenseless.”

68 thousand women across the United States have been trained in this self defense class, a program dedicated to empowering women.

“I think people feel empowered by the program but it’s also empowering for me so it’s empowering for me to see people really blossom through the program.”

That is including Casie.

“This is serious, this is your life, you have to fight.”

The bourbon county sheriffs office donated three thousand dollars to the foundation.