Woman speaks out saying abusive significant other started fire in her Joplin home

Fire on Jackson Ave., investigated as arson

“Got a phone call around 3:30 saying that all my animals were burned down in my house.. and there was nothing left.”

Joplin fire crews responded to an early morning fire on Jackson avenue on Wednesday (July 31st).

And the woman who lived there thinks her significant other set the fire.

She says, “He’s threatened me to do it. That’s the main reason why I believe it. And then I walked into the burned home to find none of his stuff that I left that night.. it was gone, it wasn’t burned. So I know he came back that night.. And they said that they found a propane tank in my house.”

KOAM protected her identity because she says the person who set the fire has abused her for years.

“Over twenty times that the cops have been called.. and I’m talking way more than twenty times. It’s been really rough.”

And she believes the fire was started because she said she was going to leave him earlier that day.

She says, “I asked him to leave several times, cops got called twice, one was a domestic which was the second call. He walked out after telling him I didn’t want to do it any more, he threw a deodorant at my stomach.. and now I have a huge bruise on my stomach from that. The cops told me maybe it would be safer for me to go to my moms or somewhere else, and I believe that’s why he did it. Because if I wasn’t with him, he has nothing.”

The fire is currently under investigation as an arson, and she hopes officials uncover the truth, for her and her children’s sake.

“I just hope that they found out the truth and he gets in trouble for it.. for everything that he’s done. And I don’t wanna.. I’m not going back.”

Authorities have arrested a man for tampering with a witness, harassment and possession of marijuana.


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