Woman sentenced to prison for embezzling more than $1.2M from employer

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla — An Oklahoma woman has been sentenced to federal prison for embezzling more than $1.2 million from her employer through wire fraud.

According to federal charges, Christa Dawn Jackson, 46, of Tuttle, worked as an office manager at AllPoints Pipe Service, Inc., where she had access to company checks and accounting systems.

Prosecutors say from February of 2010 to June of 2017, she wrote company checks out to herself and then forged the signature of the company’s owner on those checks.

Officials say she also made electronic transfers from the company bank accounts to third parties for her own benefit. They also say that she created false invoices to conceal the embezzlement.

In addition to charging her with wire fraud, she was charged with signing a false federal income tax return where she reported that her income was $96,496 but her income was substantially higher.

Jackson pleaded guilty to both crimes and agreed to pay restitution to the company for more than $1.2 million and to the IRS for more than $223,000.

She was sentenced to 48 months in prison followed by a term of three years of supervised release for committing wire fraud. She was also sentenced to a term of 24 months in prison and a term of 12 months of supervised release for signing a false tax return, with the terms of imprisonment and supervised release to be served concurrently.

Jackson was ordered to pay a total restitution of $1,477,872.10, including $223,808.00 to the IRS, $1,229,064.10 to the victim company, and $25,000 to an insurance company. Jackson was ordered to report to the Bureau of Prisons on July 21 to begin serving her sentence.