Winter Weather Hacks: De-Icing Tips and Myths

It’s the first snowof the season, and the best advice is to stay off of the roads, but if you dohave to get into your vehicle and onto those streets there are some homemadetips to make that drive a little easier.

An example, make your own homemade windshield wiper covers. Just take a pair of old socks and keep over your wipers. Then if it snows or rains the ice won’t get stuck on them.

Another tip, is to take afreezer sized ziplock bag, and zip it up as far as it will go on the sidemirrors; everyone knows that scraping the ice off in the morning on thosemirrors is the worst part–and this way the bad will prevent ice from forming. And if that doesn’t workyou can just grab a grocery sack like this and it will do the same thing.

The owner of the Touch Up Shop Scott McCammon in Joplin had some other tips for winter drivers.

“Some people like to take a piece of carpet or cloth and throw it acrosstheir windshield, if you’re using carpet, when I got done, I’d roll it up andthrow it in the truck because if you get stuck in the snow somewhere that helpswith traction–you can put it out under your drive wheels. Sometimes it helpsyou get out,” McCammon said.

Now McCammon says that there are a lot of helpful hints out there, but that some tips will actually hurt your car in the long run.

The best example McCammon could think of is the “Do It Yourself” De-Icer. Many people mix water and vinegar in a 3:1 ratio to spray onto windows to break up ice. However, McCammon says the acid in the vinegar will actually eat away at your car’s paint and windows over time.

Another tip we hear isto just take a snow shovel and to just beat and push the snow off of the roofof your car, and the hood of your car. But the experts tell usthat will actually dent your vehicle.

McCammon says, the best thing to use isjust the soft tip of a broom to just sweep the snow right off your car.

“If you have ice caked on your car, don’t use a metal implement of any kind, anddon’t beat the ice off of your car with your hand, with an ice pick, with asledge hammer, anything, I see damage all the time, people don’t think thatforce is going to transfer through that ice, they are just going to crack theice, but it going straight through it,” McCammon said.

The best advice, MaCammon says is once you are in your car to slow down, be watchful and don’t get aggressive.

“I’d say most of the accidents during bad weather I see is from aggressive driving.”

Here is a list of other “Winter Weather Hacks”:

1. Spray all the rubber gaskets around the car door frames with an oil based cooking spray to prevent them from freezing shut. You can also rub a household oil, silicon spray or other lubricant on the gaskets.

2. To prevent your doors from freezing shut you must completely clean the door gaskets with soapy water and thoroughly dry the gaskets. It is easier, and more comfortable to do this before any freezing weather.After cleaning and drying, spray the door gaskets with silicone spray.
3. Spray a good graphite lock lubricant into your door locks to keep them from freezing up.
4. Take a small dustpan and attach it to a small piece of dowel. Slide a piece of old hose over the end where you would put your hands. 2 small wood screws to hold on the dustpan. You now have a light weight shovel to get the snow off your car. This with a little longer handle would make a great play snow shovel for that little helper that always wants to do what you are doing.