Wind, rain, leave damage, force Joplin business to close

Roof damage let rain in
Wind, rain, leave damage, force Joplin business to close
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High winds and heavy rain have taken their toll across the four-states even forcing one Joplin business to close.

The past several days have brought high winds and heavy rain to the region the winds, are what initially caused the issues here at the Joplin Avenue Coffee Company. Autumn Zimmerman is the owner, and she says the wind caused some roof damage over the weekend, it was no big deal…until it rained. Zimmerman says “My staff is telling me how we’ve got leaks coming in from the restroom and through the hallway, and I thought, okay, I’m not going to panic until I get there and see it.”

Joplin Avenue is a locally run business, with no major chain to back them up, and it’s that lack of business right now, that has Zimmerman concerned. Zimmerman says “Just not knowing when we can reopen is my biggest concern so right now, we’re just hoping they can dry out our walls and get open as soon as possible.”

Zimmerman says she is insured and there are several steps involved, the first, her insurance company contacted these guys with Trifecta Property Restoration in Springfield. They came down with more than just big fans to help start the recovery process. Tim Schraeder, Project Manager says “We use moisture meters, we have, infrared cameras, and we basically assess the area, all the materials affected, and all that kinda stuff to get an idea as to what is wet and what isn’t wet.”

Of course, the big fans play a pivotal roll in cleaning up. Schraeder says “We use the air movers but then we have, they’re called turbo vents, that attach to them, and what they do is they force that air into the wall cavity and dry it out from the inside.”

Zimmerman says if push comes to shove, they do have a backup plan. “Luckily we have that back bar in our backroom so if we need to open up that to serve drinks out of we may just do that.”

Right now there’s no set time frame on when Joplin Avenue Coffee Company will reopen, but Zimmerman hopes, it’ll be soon.
Zimmerman is keeping everyone updated on Facebook – you can click on this link to go to that page: Joplin Avenue Coffee Company