Wildcat Wednesday: 4-H Favorite Foods Show

If it's Wednesday that means it's time for another Wildcat Wednesday.

If it’s Wednesday that means it’s time for another Wildcat Wednesday. This week,  Cheri Nelsen from the K-State extension office joins us to talk about 4-H’s Favorite Foods Show.  The show is on June 13th and it’s at the Wilson County Old Iron Club from 4 PM to 6:30 PM. How does one participate?

  • Step 1:  Find a theme for your table (Mexican, Chinese, BBQ, Picnic, Tea party, Holiday theme, etc.)
  • Step 2: Plan a menu – main dish, side dishes, dessert (whatever is applicable)
  • Step 3: Pick one dish to present to the judge. Can be the main dish, side dish, dessert, etc. but just pick one to physically make. This dish you will show to the judge and discuss how you made it as well as the nutritional value.
  •  Step 4: Save the entry form on the website to your computer, fill it out, and email it to cnelsen@ksu.edu. All entries should be submitted by June 9th. This will be an in-person event. A virtual option will be available, but they strongly encourage everyone to participate in-person.
  • Step 5: Find the dishes, centerpiece and table, picnic table, or table of any form that fits your theme.