Wife charged with murder in McDonald County

Wife Charged With Shooting Death Of Her Husband

MCDONALD CO., Mo. – A woman is charged with the shooting death of her husband in McDonald County, Missouri.

On November 16, 2021, deputies went to a home at 1896 Pleasant Grove Road, west of Anderson, for a reported shooting. They arrived and found Harold Lee Wynn dead in a 5th wheel camper. They saw an apparent gunshot wound to his head.

Deputies first on scene secured the area and called supervisors and detectives to help in the investigation. Authorities found a .40 caliber pistol on the scene and took it as evidence.

According to the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office, after their preliminary investigation, they arrested Dawn Renee Wynn. She’s the victim’s wife. They took her to the McDonald County Jail.

Court documents state that the wife called 911. She told authorities that something “brushing” her face and a gunshot woke her up. She alleged being next to Harold and facing him when the shot was fired. According to court documents, she told authorities after waking up, she saw her husband in blood and called 911.

Wynn reported the weapon as possibly stored on the bottom-most shelf of a bookcase, which is above the “head” of the bed.

In the probable cause, a corporal lays out the position of the body and safeguards on the gun, along with other details. It was his belief, after looking at the evidence, that Dawn shot Harold.

Detectives with the Sheriff’s Office prepared a probable cause document and presented it to the McDonald County Prosecuting Attorney. They issued warrants for Dawn Wynn for the crimes of second-degree murder and armed criminal action. There is no bond.

An Ozark, Missouri coroner conducted the autopsy of Harold Lee Wynn.

Dawn Wynn has appeared for arraignment in McDonald County Circuit Court.

Wynn allegedly reported that her two minor children were there in the 5th wheel camper, but were asleep in the living room area.

Probable Cause statement on death of Harold Lee Wynn