Widespread wind damage sweeps across Four States

Widespread wind damage sweeps across Four States
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Widespread wind damage sweeps across the Four States, leading to an influx of calls for local insurance and roofing companies.

Most of the damage reported has been minimal, costing a few hundred dollars to replace shingles gone with the wind.

While experts say an easy fix typically won’t meet your deductible, it’s still a good idea to review your policy.

“Have a professional come out and then we’ll advise you if it’s something we need to contact your insurance over. If it’s something that’s gonna be a cheap repair, we just need to take care of it in house for you,” said Jon Abernathy, owner of Abernathy Roofing and Construction.

“Know how your policy works, how it pays out, especially on wind and hail claims because those are generally the most common that we see in this part of the country,” said Andrew Parker with State Farm Insurance.

Abernathy encourages homeowners to take any damage to their roof seriously.

Catching small problems early on can prevent more expensive damage later