Who Are Four Staters Rooting to Win Super Bowl 50?

Who Are Four Staters Rooting to Win Super Bowl 50?
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For Panthers fan Dustin Atkins he says when it comes to sports he’s always been the odd man out.

“It is because it’s always hard to find the teams that you like and everything and unless they do something big like this year when the Panthers go to the Super Bowl.”

And though he’s from Joplin, he’s been a Panthers fan since the team was born. But Atkins is not in the majority.

“The Denver Broncos, and I will always support the Denver Broncos because I bleed orange and blue,” says Misty Hammer.

For local fans this year’s Super Bowl match-up is drawn over division lines. More Chiefs fans are rooting for the Broncos versus the Panthers because they’d rather see the AFC win the Super Bowl.

Chiefs fan Tanner Brown says “My team’s from that league so, it’s just kind of one league against one league.”

And all the Super Bowl madness means lots of last minute shoppers at Pro Image Sports leading up until kickoff.

Manager Julie McKinley says “We’re a little low on the panthers things you know if people get in here in the next day.”

Business has skyrocketed by about 80% in the last week. Adding to the rush this year, whispers that it could be Peyton Manning’s last game.

“Hopefully he can go out with a win so that’s what I’m looking forward to,” says Broncos fan Caleb Lewis.

Panthers fan Jacob Abeyta says “It’d be a lot better this year because Peyton Manning’s on the Broncos and I’ve seen him lose three Super Bowls on different teams so he might lose this one too.”

Hammer says “Experience I go with experience.”

But for Atkins just seeing the Panthers play in the Super Bowl is a dream come true.

“I know they haven’t always had the best years but you know they’ve always been a pretty cool team to watch,” he says.

Super Bowl 50 airs Sunday live on KOAM and CBS Sports at 5:30pm.