When it comes to who can play sports, C.J. High isn’t changing the rules

Cj Students Practice Football Before The Year Starts

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. – Typically in the Show Me State, student athletes need to attend class in person in order to be eligible for school sports.

But with many Missouri schools offering a learn-from-home option, the Missouri State High School Activities Association has made a temporary change to its by-laws for the 2020-21 school year.

“Before, it was always a blanket statement for the entire state, and so one thing we’ve learned early on is, it’s tough to make a blanket statement under COVID,” said Carl Junction High School Athletic Director Rich Neria.

The MSHSAA will now allow students learning from home to participate in school sports if their school allows it.

Carl Junction currently offers three options for students: coming to school 5 days a week, coming to school for some classes while learning virtually for others, and completely learning virtually from home.

CJ students in the latter category won’t be taking the field.

“We don’t have all the hot spots. We don’t have all the numbers that everybody else is maybe dealing with. And so our rationale is, if they think it’s safe enough to play sports then we think they should be in school,” said Neria.