Let’s check out some May rain totals

May 01 2022 Monthly Observed Precipitation

It’s already been a wet June, but May had some impressive numbers.

Above, you can see the National Weather Service’s observations for our area in May. Rain amounts ranged between 6 inches and as much as 15 inches in some spots.

The National Weather Service doesn’t have observation stations in every city across our area. But the above graphic helps gives us an idea.

We can look at a few local spots where official observations and measurements are taken on a daily basis. One is the Chanute Martin Johnson Airport in Chanute, Kansas.


After an afternoon and evening of thunderstorms to wrap up May, Chanute had 9.17″ of rain for the month. That monthly tally is more than the normal of 5.87″ and more than the 5.42″ of rain the city picked up last May. This brought the Chanute area back near the average of 15.36″ for the year.

The numbers from the Joplin Regional Airport, however, tell a different story.


Joplin Regional observed the 5th wettest May on record with a total of 12.25″ for the month.

That number goes beyond the normal monthly tally of 6.56″ and last May’s total of 7.39″ for the airport and downtown.

May 2022 brought the yearly total to 25.88″ for the Joplin area. That’s higher than the average of 18.74″ and last year’s yearly total at the end of May of 18.72″ of rain.

For June, we already picked up a couple of inches across the area so far. There are additional rounds of rain on the way.

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