Westview School teacher receives award from the VFW, so his school honored him

NEOSHO, Mo. – A teacher with Neosho’s Westview C-6 district is being honored by the Missouri VFW. The school hosted a special assembly to recognize him.

Staff and students of Westview C-6 in Newton County came together today to recognize one of their own. We begin with his wife, Gena McCormick. The VFW was hosting an essay contest, to honor a teacher in the community, for their outstanding work. She knew her husband Michael fit the bill perfectly. Gena says “I can’t say enough good things about him, he just has such good character, and I wanted everyone else to know what kind of character that he has, because he doesn’t like a lot of attention and he’s very modest about himself, so I kind of tooted his horn for him.”

Well, he won the district award and has now won the state award. Michael is a middle school math teacher at Westview, he’s also a bus driver, and mechanic, among his many talents. To honor him and his achievement, the school held a special assembly…Michael says “I expected them to go ‘hey congratulations, have fun tomorrow’ and then we all went back to class.”

But, they did more than that. They honored Mr. McCormick with a special tribute to him. “I thought it was so cute, the little kids and their different Mr. McCormick’s, it actually brought a little bit of a tear to my eye.”

Mr. McCormick is a Veteran himself, and his father inspired him to join. “I joined the military when I was 18 in 1998, I did my first tour in the Middle East in 1999, was voluntold to go, actually, enjoyed it so much I volunteered four more times, so I had five tours in the Middle East before I got out in 2004.”

The school put on the McCormick replicas, which you saw earlier, and the choir performed a song and of course, what party is complete without snacks and cookies? They had that too, all for their beloved Mr. Michael McCormick. “Well, I feel very loved by the school and the community, like I said, I’ve been here 10 years and to actually come out here and see this was…just…fills your heart with pride.”

The McCormick’s will make a trip to St. Louis tomorrow where Michael will receive his award from the state VFW.