Wesley House Seeks Volunteers

Wesley House Seeks Volunteers
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Chris McCabe is mixes up 7 boxes of instant mashed potatoes, “Just like my momma used to make,” he said. His son is prepping 24 cans of corn. While the slow cooker heats up 13 meat loafs.

It’s all to feed the community, Thursday night; which the McCabe family has been doing once a month for the last three years.

“If we don’t take the opportunity to help when we don’t do so, perhaps those people would go hungry,” Chris said.

“We just make what we have at home. And then we just make a lot more for everybody else,” Chris’ son, Oliver said.

Unlike the ministry’s food pantry, the Thursday night meals depend on volunteers to cook or buy food for up to 80 people each week. And Wesley House is desperate for volunteers. Executive Director Marcee Bender says there’s roughly 8 weeks this Summer Wesley House has no one to provide meals.

“A [people at the meals] are folks that don’t have any place to go,” Bender said. “They want to enjoy a hot meal.”

Many who come are homeless, low income, or like Leva Hayden; on a fixed income. “They come for the same reason,” Hayden said. “Cause they don’t have no food in their houses and stuff.”

“They’re always very appreciative,” Chris said. “Every week they come up afterward and, I don’t know if it’s true, but they always say it was the best of whatever they had.”

Wesley House says the summer months are always tough to find volunteers, and typically falls back on it’s regulars like the McCabe family. But June 9th is the family’s last night cooking a community meal before moving, leaving the House without one of its consistent providers.

“They’re important because they provide a hot meal for our individuals that sometimes can’t provide that for themselves,” Bender said.

“It’s not just about me, and what I can get, and what I want,” Chris said. “It’s about helping others.”

Folks can volunteer by contacting the Wesley House, (620) 232-3760. You can find them on Facebook HERE.