Wendy’s takes aim at Pittsburg on National Roast Day

PITTSBURG, Kan. – The Wendy’s social media team celebrated “National Roast Day” Thursday slamming all who quite literally asked for it. National Roasting Day is when people mercilessly mock each other, which Wendy’s loves doing.

So when Pittsburg State University tweeted “Let’s have it,” the burger chain didn’t pull any punches. They took the easy route pointing out the Pittsburg, Kansas and Pennsylvania connection writing “Incredible. You’re a worse Pittsburg than Pittsburgh.”


“Ouch” responded the City of Pittsburg’s official Twitter page.

KOAM’s own Jesse Irwin took notice tweeting “As a guy born in Pittsburgh who lives in Pittsburg, this one cuts deep.”

It’s Pennsylvania counterpart showed just a little bit more love writing “You were always our favorite namesake.”