“Welcome Home to Joplin” campaign recruiting veterans, skilled workers to Joplin

Program to help with military transitions
“Welcome Home to Joplin” campaign recruiting veterans, skilled workers to Joplin
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A program in Joplin is aimed at bringing people to the metro area but there’s more behind it than just community promotion.

Welcome home to Joplin, it’s a campaign in the city, a joint effort from the Chamber of Commerce, the Joplin Regional Partnership, and veterans service organizations, like Compass Quest with a simple mission. Ted Donaldson, Compass Quest Director says “How do we recruit transitioning military to come and look at Joplin and the driving force behind it is, an outreach program for the community, but it’s also talent recruiting.”

Ted Donaldson with Compass Quest says he was approached by the chamber when it became interested in recruiting not just skilled workers, but veterans. Because the city is facing a good, yet challenging problem. Kevin Welch, Director of Business Attraction and Retention for the Joplin Regional Partnership says “Anybody that wants a job has one, because the unemployment rate is actually below 3% in the metro area.”

Kevin Welch is in charge of recruiting businesses to the Joplin area working with the Joplin Regional Partnership. He says some local manufacturers have come to him with the same problem. Welch says “We could fill 40 jobs right now, if we had them, we could put this whole new line in right now if we had the workers, so this is a case of where can we find, where can we find talent.”

The Welcome Home program is designed to present job opportunities for veterans and their spouses but what makes this program different, is it also presents the Joplin community as a great place to live. Donaldson says “Every place we go to every base we go to, every administrator we talk to, says we’ve never seen anything like this, we’ve never seen a community come to a career fair for transitioning military and present the community.”

Donaldson says this program is helping other veterans and their families see what he and his wife saw when they moved to Joplin from Texas seven years ago. Donaldson says “That’s what makes things unique is when people feel welcome, they want to be a part of that.”

For more information, you can click here to visit the Welcome Home To Joplin website from the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce.