Weekend Blog: This heat is getting old, but some rain chances. -Doug

Weekend Blog: This heat is getting old, but some rain chances. -Doug

I hope you guys had a great work week and ready for the weekend of course.  Sadly, the heat sticks around, but it is the weekend. Friday was day number 19 that we have hit 100 degrees, not cool.

19th Day

There will be a few random or isolated thunderstorms again on Saturday, but most of you stay dry.

Saturday Morning

Heating up during the afternoon of course once again.

Saturday Pm

Much of the same on Sunday, highs pushing 100.

Sunday Pm

We do get a front in here that hangs out for a few days by Monday.  This will at least give us some scattered showers and thunderstorms.


Heady Pattern Update:  We are in the morphing stages from old to new pattern over the next 6 weeks.  We are currently about 10% new and 90% old still.  Huge upper level high continues to dominate the area.

Upper Levels

In return, this pushes the Jet Stream way up into southern Canada.  Storm systems like to hang out near the Jet.  So we stay hot with not that much rain.  We need to get some changes in here in about 3 weeks or we could be in trouble again next summer.  Meaning, we will be deep enough into the new pattern, so it will repeat next summer.  So lets hope this heat and drought can break over the next few weeks.  Long range forecast is below.


Next Thursday – Saturday: Heat sticks and mainly dry.

August 14th-August 20th: Another hot week.  A few scattered thunderstorms Thursday through Saturday.

August 28th-September4th:  Some relief from the heat finally.  Mainly a warm week with isolated thunderstorm chances almost each day.