Wednesday Night/Thursday Blog: Very heavy rains and plenty of thunderstorms working through. -Doug

Wednesday Night/Thursday Blog: Very heavy rains and plenty of thunderstorms working through. -Doug

Hey guys, I hope you have had a great Wednesday and the first half of the week.  Boy has today been wet and it is going to get worse.  Our biggest concern for severe weather is flooding rains, especially tonight as a huge batch of very heavy rains work in.  We can’t rule out that a few of these storms could be low grade severe in our southern counties, but most of us will just have good old strong thunderstorms.  So get ready for a very loud night.



Very heavy rains continue into the morning hours.  The heaviest rains will be along and south of I-44, but all of us will have heavy rains.  Here is a look at the 8-9AM timeframe.


Most of us will get anywhere from 2-5″ of additional rain just by morning.  This is going to cause some big flash flooding issues through the region.  So be very careful if you are going to be out on the roads. Rain tapers late morning and early afternoon.  However, if we can get these morning guys out of here quickly, we will be able to become moderately unstable by the afternoon as the main system rolls through.  So additional thunderstorms start to get going late afternoon.

Late Afternoon

I don’t expect a ton of unstable air to develop, but it could be enough to fire off a few low grade severe thunderstorms with a hail and wind risk and a low tornado threat.  I am not very concerned about this, but I definitely want to see what this looks like by early afternoon on Thursday.  By evening, scattered thunderstorms with some additional heavy rains spread through the area.

Mid Evening

So lets watch this, but at least this system is out of here by Friday and then we look pretty good with highs back into the upper 60s.


Long range forecast is below and I will make sure to update this for you guys and get one out through June in the next couple of days.


May 11th-14th:  Mild for much of the week until we warm up Saturday. Some t-storms on Wednesday before we dry out Thursday. Slight t-storm chances Friday and Saturday.

May 15th-21st:  Mild for much of the week until we warm back up Thursday and for the weekend. Dry to start the week until slight t-storm chances return Tuesday. We’ll watch for slight t-storm chances on Friday and better t-storm chances on Saturday. Watching a severe threat as well for both Friday and Saturday.

May 22nd-28th: Mild to start the week before we warm up Wednesday. Mild Thursday before we head back into the warmth for the weekend. Slight t-storm chances Tuesday and better t-storm chances (with a severe threat) Wednesday. T-storm chances Thursday, slight t-storm chances Friday and t-storms (with another severe threat) Saturday.