Wednesday night/Thursday AM Blog: A little light snow and a look at our next storm systems

A little light snow and a look at our next storm systems

Good Wednesday night or Thursday morning.  I hope you had a great Wednesday as we are just cruising through the week.  We do have a weak system that is pushing through tonight, but it won’t do a ton for us.  Light snow showers will shift through.  The atmosphere in the lower levels is very dry and will suck the energy right out of this wave.

If we have any accumulations (which most of it will melt on contact and you won’t even know that we had any light snow) they would be minor.  Dusting, maybe a 1/4″ in spots.  Sun returns Thursday afternoon, however, it will be cold.

40s return on Friday with 50s by Saturday.  Our next system sneaks in on Sunday.  Showers will develop through the day and last into Monday morning.  Slight chance enough cold air could work in on the back side to briefly give us some snow Monday morning.

The next system is right behind it on Tuesday.  Showers and even some thunderstorms back in that have a good shot of switching back over to snow by Tuesday night.  So a lot to watch the next couple of days.  Don’t forget long range forecast is below.



Long range forecast through the middle of April:

Next Week:  Showers and maybe some thunderstorms on Sunday.  This system quickly works out, but our next one quickly works in behind it.  Showers and thunderstorms on Tuesday and possibly over to a little bit of snow by Wednesday.  Cool the rest of the week with our next system in by Saturday with a few showers.

March 1st-7th:  Mainly a cool week with a slight chance for rain or snow showers on Sunday.  A few showers again with a weak system on Wednesday.  Temperatures will warm up late in the week with showers and thunderstorms on Saturday.  Some of these could be strong to severe.

March 8th-14th:  Rain or snow chances and turning colder for Sunday and Monday.  Next system on Tuesday and Wednesday with again rain and snow chances. Mild temperatures do return late in the week.

March 15th-21st:  Mainly a cool week with rain on Sunday and Monday.  Slight chances for showers on Wednesday.  Warming up with thunderstorms by the weekend.

March 22nd-29th:  Cool with rain on Sunday.  Staying cool through the middle of the week with warmer temperatures by Wednesday and Thursday.  Showers and thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday.  Cooling down for the weekend.

March 30th-April 5th:  A mild start to the week with thunderstorms (some strong to severe) on Wednesday and Thursday.  Cooler the rest of the week.

April 6th-10th:  A mild start to the week with our next system in on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Showers and thunderstorms (some strong again) on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Staying decently mild the rest of the week.  Thunderstorms back in on Friday and Saturday.

April 11th-18th:  Mainly a mild week with rain on Wednesday and Thursday.  Showers stick around on Friday with rain back in on Saturday.