Wednesday Blog: The heat sticks around but some thunderstorm chances. -Doug

Wednesday Blog: The heat sticks around but some thunderstorm chances. -Doug

I hope everyone’s week has started great!  I also hope you are staying cool with all of this crazy heat the past couple of weeks.  It will get a hair better the next couple of days before it really increases toward the weekend.  We have a weak cold front slipping in Wednesday with a few pop up isolated thunderstorms.

Wednesday Pm

High temps right around 90 with a heat index about 95.  Isolated thunderstorms stick around Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.

Wednesday Evening

Highs near 90 again on Thursday with a few isolated thunderstorms.

Thursday Pm

The heat really kicks in on Friday with a high around 96ish and heat index in the 105-110 degree range.  Saturday evening hotter with a high of 100 and heat index around 110.  We do get a pretty good cold front in here Saturday night.  This will give us a band of thunderstorms.

Saturday Night

Then turning a decent amount cooler as we head into Sunday.  80s for a nice little stretch.  Long range forecast is below.


Next Wednesday through Saturday:  Warming up the rest of the week slowly with thunderstorm chances by the weekend.

July 3rd-July 9th: Warm start for the holiday weekend with thunderstorm chances on the 3rd, 4th and 5th.  Then back to the heat with slight chances for thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday.

July 10th-July 16th: Hot temperatures this week. Slight t-storm chances Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

July 17th-July 23rd: Warm for Sunday and Monday before hot temperatures return for the rest of the week. Slight t-storm chances Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday.

July 24th-July 30th: With the exception of a warm Thursday and Friday, hot for the week. Slight t-storm chances Sunday through Wednesday.

July 31st-August 6th: Hot for much of the week before we back down to warm temperatures by Friday and Saturday. Slight t-storm chances Monday through Friday.