Wednesday Blog: Heat sticks but rain increases. -Doug

Wednesday Blog: Heat sticks but rain increases. -Doug

I hope your week is going great so far and you are staying somewhat cool.  Sadly the heat is going to stick around.  I am very interested to see if the pattern breaks in 2-3 weeks.  The new Heady Pattern is in the morphing stage from last year to this years.  Then the new pattern will last for a year.  Right now we are about 15% new and 85% old.  However, if this heat breaks in 2-3 weeks, that is great news for next summer showing us we won’t have this drought and heat.  So a lot to watch.  Okay, heat advisories once again for us Wednesday.

Heat Advisory

I think most of us will top right around 100 degrees once again.

Wednesday Pm

As we work through the evening hours, scattered showers and a few thunderstorms start to pop up.

Late Evening

After midnight, I think these will become a little bit more widespread.

After Midnight

Most of these should be out of here by 8AM on Thursday morning.


So here is when we have the best rain chances.

Rain Chances

I hope you have a great day, long range forecast is below.


Next Wednesday – Saturday: Heat sticks and mainly dry.

August 14th-August 20th: Another hot week.  A few scattered thunderstorms Thursday through Saturday.

August 21st-August 27th:  Heat sticks around, but hoping for some relief late in the week.  Scattered thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday, then again Friday and Saturday.

August 28th-September4th:  Some relief from the heat finally.  Mainly a warm week with isolated thunderstorm chances almost each day.