Wednesday Blog: Finally some relief! -Doug

Wednesday Blog: Finally some relief! -Doug

I hope your week has started off great and you are staying cool.  Who is over this heat?  Who needs rain?  ugh!!!!!  Well we have some changes.  Check this out.  We have hit 100 degrees 16 times this summer.


Here is where we rank with other super hot summers.  These are years that have had around 16 days above 100 by July 26th or more.

Doug Stats

At least we have some relief.  We are going to see a few isolated storms into Wednesday morning.


Hit and miss isolated storms on Wednesday.  But still temperatures will push 100 degrees.


Thunderstorm chances start stepping up and more widespread by Thursday morning.

Early Thursday Morning

This will give most of us much better chances for showers and thunderstorms lasting into early afternoon.  Also, our cold front completely shifts through.

Thursday Midday

Check this out, more scattered thunderstorms by Friday morning.  This is exactly what we need to put a dent in a severe drought.

Friday Morning

Scattered thunderstorms stick around into the weekend with temps we can handle.  However, triple digit heat returns next week.  Long range forecast below.


Next Week: Heat returns the second half of the week.  Most likely back to the triple digit heat and drying out.

July 31st-August 6th: Another hot week for us.  But some hit and miss storms most of the week, or chances.

August 7th-August 13th:  A little bit cooler this week.  Still hot but not extreme heat.  Slight chances for storms on Sunday and Thursday.

August 14th-August 20th: A hot week again with isolated storms from Wednesday through Saturday.

August 21st-August 27th:  Mainly a hot week, but cooling down a bit by the weekend.  Hit and miss storms late in the week.