Website Helps Local Bands Find Income

Website Helps Local Bands Find Income

A half-dozen bands — most from Joplin — are taking part in the beta-test for “Bandfund”.
Where musicians sign up, and ask for monentary support from their fans.
The idea is to help starving artists.. Be a little less starved.

For local band “Me like Bees” making music sometimes takes the backseat.

Luke Sheafer, the lead singer of “Me like Bees” says, “Playing music for a living is nearly impossible just because the industry is changing you know with Spotify and you know the easy of access to your product without people having to pay for it there is unlimited demand for free things.”

Selling merchandise, cd’s, and playing in front of a packed house still isnt enough to get by as an independent artists. Drummer Tim Cote says, money and music, aren’t always in perfect harmony.

“Its scary because you tend to go in the red every time you record an album hoping that you have enough tracton generated when you actually release the album. We recorded this album last year, and we’ve been sitting on a year with no income hoping to generate some (income) with an upcoming album.”

In fact, every member of me like bees has a “real job” to make ends meat. That’s where bandfund comes in.

John Buck, co-founder of says,”We wanted to develop a way so that way they can actually have some type of system for them to connect with their fans while creating a reoccuring revenue for them where they can grow as an artist.”

Its a website where fans pledge one to two dollars a month to their favorite band, and if a local band such as “Me Like Bees” gets enough fans to support, maybe they could get a steady income in an industry where nothings guarenteed.

Unlike Go-Fund-Me or Kickstarter, Bandfund isn’t a one-time payment to complete one project.

Buck says, “Our goal is to reach out to anywhere between 500 to 600 bands, hopefully get 100 to 200 people to support each one of them to help give them the money monthly to tour, to pay for gas, housing, whatever they need to help spread their music,” and adds, he hopes this is the change the music industry needs.

Cote says the website is a great way to get involved in the band without the middle man.

“It goes directly help bands it’s a great way for band to actually be involved without managemnet without a booking agent to get the revenue streams that they need from just fan to band it just makes it very very simple, no middle men.”

And maybe local bands making music.. Can also start making money.