Webb City winery holds event to support local healthcare workers

WEBB CITY, Mo.–Healthcare workers felt the love all weekend while sipping on wine and enjoying cheese boards.

Christine’s Vineyard is hosting a series of weekend events to honor those in the community, and this week chose those in the healthcare field.

To show appreciation, healthcare workers received 20% off their bill.

The winery says an event like this is meant to show healthcare workers that the work they do is meaningful. 

“Now I think that it’s important that we still realize that they’re people that they go through a  lot every day, that there’s more that they probably have to do procedure wise than everybody else and they have been put through the wringer this past year,” said Bre Rogers.

She said this event was made for everyone in the healthcare field, not just doctors and nurses.

“So I.T, janitorial, front desk, back office, anybody like that we wanted to incorporate everybody because it wasn’t just the nurses and doctors doing all this,” Rogers said.

One local Carthage optometrist, Shelby Braugh Bruner, said after a  long week, it’s nice to unwind and be appreciated.

“Having patients all week long, you do a lot, you spend a lot of energy, they all require a lot of attention, so it’s nice to come here and just have a day to relax.”

Bruner added that the past year has been rough on those in her field, this event reminded her that her hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

“This has been a really weird year for all healthcare providers. I mean 2020 was really strange and it’s kind of nice to be getting back to normal. I feel like most healthcare providers have made quite a few sacrifices, it’s just been a weird year so it’s nice to have an event kinda dedicated to healthcare providers and that 20 percent off is great,” Bruner said.