Webb City middle school students give back

Catholic kids spruce up Sacred Heart
Webb City middle school students give back

Students were hard at work Tuesday at the Sacred Heart Church in Webb City. They were participating in the second annual St. Peter’s Catholic Middle School Day of Service.

The students spent the afternoon in the church’s prayer garden, raking up leaves, picking up trash, and collecting loose sticks and twigs for a burn pile. And there was a special treat for the returning students, who participated in last year’s Day of Service with St. Peter’s.

“So we came out here last year and literally planted thousands of tulip bulbs, and that’s one of the neat things. As the kids are cleaning up today, they’re going ‘Oh, I planted those tulips! Those are the ones I planted,'” said teacher and organizer Marjorie Black.

The students enjoyed the fruits of their labor by praying in the church’s prayer garden to wrap their day.