Tuesday AM Blog: More rain, but the new Heady Pattern is here!

More rain, but the new Heady Pattern is here!

Good Tuesday morning!  I hope your week has started off great!  Mine has been okay, just pounding a blog before getting a few hours of sleep.  My father moved down here a couple of months ago, he wanted to see Christian's (my 10 year old) football games.  He has been in Freeman for a few days.  He has some kidney issues.  It is funny, I am 40 years old but you never look at your parents as old.  My father is almost 74, but I still don't see him as old.  Hopefully he will turn this around quickly and get to Christian's game this Saturday as I am very proud that my sons football team for Webb City is 4-0 and has shutout every single team.  Yes, I am one of those parents who gets way to envolved, lol, but I love it!  

Okay the weather, my gosh more rain.  

Take a look at the radar below.​​​​​​

Showers and thunderstorms will increase this morning.  Most of these will be along and south of I-44 but still more rain.  Here is a look at 7am

Showers and thunderstorms will decrease through the morning.  The most consistent will be along and south of I-44.  Lets move to 10 AM

Most of the afternoon looks okay, a high around 81 with mostly cloudy skies.  More thunderstorms roll in late tonight.

Also, remember the new HP (Heady Pattern) is completely in place.  I am 99% sure of the new cycle which is longer than last years 51 days cycle.  If my model is wrong that I developed, well then I adjust but I think it is right as of now.  I will update the long range forecast on the next blog tonight.  I actually left my notes at work, ugh.




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