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Good early Monday morning, everyone. Our Sunday turned out to be pretty good as we wrapped up another January weekend around here. On the heels of highs in the lower 40s on Saturday, we actually had partly to mostly sunny skies hold steady throughout our Sunday. Couple that with dry air at the surface, we went from the upper 20s to start at Joplin Regional to highs around 50 for the afternoon.


Breaking down our weather setup, the latest surface map has our next cold front working through the northern Rockies. It may be a good distance away, but this front will want to race in here for late Monday afternoon and Monday evening to bring some cooler air back in. Before it can, though, we have high pressure over Texas keeping a south and southwest wind in place as we kick off our Monday.


Upstairs at the jet stream level, you notice an upper-level low beginning to develop under a weakness in the upper-level ridge in the Pacific Northwest. That will be the next stronger storm system to watch later this week while we keep an eye on another fast upper-level wave coming out of Winnipeg in Canada.


For this morning, we’ll have a band of cloud cover coming at us from Nebraska and northwestern Kansas to start the morning drive out. Fortunately, the returning cloud cover and the south and southwest breeze at 5-10 will only allow lows to start in the upper 20s this morning.


This round of cloud cover shouldn’t stick with us all day. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we started to turn partly to mostly sunny once again as we head into the afternoon. Couple the returning sun with dry air still at the surface and a southwest wind at 5-15 at noon (before cranking up to 10-20 mph during the afternoon), we’ll have highs push into the lower to middle 50s across the region for today.


Behind the cold front, our wind will switch out of the north and northwest for tonight and Tuesday morning. That will bring lows back near 30 across the region. Not only that, a wave coming out of Winnipeg will stay mainly to our northeast. Still, it passes by close enough to bring another round of cloud cover for late tonight and Tuesday morning. Underneath the clouds, a spot or two could pick up on a few rain drops or a few snow flurries as lows drop back near 30, but this isn’t looking like a big deal.


Once we get past the slim chance for a few snow flurries or rain drops Tuesday morning, the mostly cloudy skies will hang tough until we could see some sunshine return for Tuesday afternoon. Still, the northwest breeze at 5-10 means highs back near normal as temperatures will want to top out in the middle 40s.


Looking at our setup for Wednesday, we’ll have a southwest wind and partly sunny skies back in action ready to send highs back into the middle 50s. That will be a pretty good day to enjoy some exercise outside while we keep an eye on our next wave that will dig deep into the Desert Southwest and even into the Baja Peninsula.


Before that wave starts to head our way, we’ll stay mostly cloudy and chilly for Thursday with highs in the lower to middle 50s. By Friday, this wave will finally emerge from the Desert Southwest and start working into western Kansas, western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle. With it, we’ll see mostly cloudy skies for Friday and enough cold air in place for this to bring in some scattered rain and snow showers as our weekend gets going. It turns out that this system seems to be a one-two punch that will head our way. Once the first low clears out, we’ll stay dry, cool and mostly cloudy for Saturday. For Sunday, right on its heels is another upper-level low that will come out of northern California. That will work with temperatures in the lower 50s on Sunday to bring rain chances back in to wrap up the upcoming weekend.


Doug has you covered with his long range forecast out through the rest of the month and into late February down below.

Have a good night and a great Monday!


Next Monday-Saturday:  We’ll watch for another system with slight rain chances on Monday before cooler temperatures bring a rain/snow mix in for Tuesday and Wednesday. After a cold Thursday with snow chances, we’ll dry out to start the weekend and turn cool again by Saturday.

January 31st-February 6th:  A cool start to the week with slight rain and snow chances on Sunday. The rest of the week looks dry. We’ll turn cold for Monday, cool for Tuesday and more mild for the rest of the week.

February 7th-13th:  The week starts mild with slight rain chances on Sunday and a bump up in the rain chances on Monday. We’ll stay cool for Tuesday and Wednesday with rain and snow chances on Wednesday. After a cold and quiet Thursday, another system works in with slight rain chances for Thursday. Otherwise, we’ll stay cool for Friday and turn mild again for Saturday.

February 14th-20th:  We’ll start off cool for Sunday with another storm system bringing in rain chances. Colder temperatures for Monday through Wednesday. The colder temperatures keep rain and snow chances around for Monday and Tuesday before we taper things down to slight snow chances on Wednesday.  We’ll turn cool for Thursday before we turn mild for the upcoming weekend.

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