A look at the Tropics - August 12, 2019

Watching a few systems in the Pacific

JOPLIN, Mo. - Our look at the Tropics on this August 12th shows one Basin hogging the action while the other stays quiet. The Gulf of Mexico and the northern Atlantic look calm on this Monday with no development expected within the next 5 days.

Over in the eastern Pacific, we have Tropical Storm Henriette located 265 miles south of the Baja Peninsula. It's barely holding onto Tropical Storm status with sustained wind speeds of 40 mph. As it continues moving west-northwestward, it will move into more stable air as upper level shear maintains its presence. That will cause the storm to weaken into a Depression on Tuesday and turn into a remnant low by Wednesday.

Otherwise, we have another area we're monitoring. 1,000 miles southwest of the Baja Peninsula, we have disorganized rain and t-storms with an associated low pressure trough. As this low continues to move west-northwestward at 15 mph, it will move into an area where the environment will favor this to further develop. With formation chances over the next 5 days sitting at 60%, this low could become a depression later this week. We'll continue to keep an eye on this and the rest of the Tropics.

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