We have more details on the Pittsburg Community School District’s plan to return to class

PITTSBURG, Kan. – The Pittsburg Community School District has released their plans to return to school this fall.

The Pittsburg Community School District voted on two major items at their Monday night board meeting. The first, was a 7-0 vote to move the start of school back one week, to August 26th. Superintendent Richard Proffitt says “We wanted to make sure that our teachers had enough time to come in with all the new things that are going to be taking place this year, give them a little extra time to prepare, so that we have a seamless transition once our students come back.”

As for the return to school plan, it also passed 7-0, and is broken down into color codes, green, red, and yellow. “Green means on site, those are students and their families who have decided to come back, they’re going to be on site, we’re going to have all of our mitigation policies and procedures in place, including masks, washing hands, social distancing.”

Red is for those who choose to learn remotely. “So they will be in an online environment and where teachers will teach them on the same objectives, they will assess them on the same objectives just like a student who is in a regular building, but it also means there’s an equivalent amount of minutes that they’re going to have to spend in the class room, i.e. home, but in an online environment with the teachers.”

Yellow is the hybrid model, which is a ‘just in case’ plan, in the event of a sudden spike in cases, or if a building, classroom, or even specific student must be quarantined. Proffitt says they’re also taking staff safety into consideration, which includes having staff wear masks at all times. “Even though our first priority is to our younger population, we also have a priority of maintaining the health and the safety of our staff, so this plan also all the mitigation factors, is also aimed at keeping all of our staff and even our visitors very safe.”

Proffitt says pittsburg schools will be providing masks to all students, as well as hand sanitizer.

For parents wanting to have their students do online classes, must enroll their student by august seventh.

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