Watered Gardens kicks off 4th Annual Fireworks for Forge fundraiser

JOPLIN, Mo. – With Independence Day nearing, Watered Gardens is calling on volunteers to help out with the 4th Annual Fireworks for Forge fundraiser.

The non-profit is selling fireworks and seeking to fill shifts Wednesday through Saturday.

Money raised will support the Forge program which helps out men struggling in the community by teaching them life skills.

“Well, this is great way for us to celebrate community; the 4th of July, people are going to buy their fire works you know that. This is a great way to know that not only are you celebrating the 4th of July, but you are also supporting some men that are really trying to turn their lives around,” said Travis Hurley with Watered Gardens.

It takes about $5,000 to fund one bed for a year at Forge.