Watered Gardens donates vehicle to Four-State mother

JOPLIN, Mo. – When you’re thinking about donating to a local charity, you don’t have to think in terms of just cash. There are other donations that could be just as life changing for people in need, like a car.

Someone donated a 2006 Toyota Sienna van to Watered Gardens Ministry. Watered Gardens gave that car to Teddi Jones, a mother at their Washington Family Hope Center.

“They were super excited,” said Jones when asked how her kids reacted. “They kept asking me, ‘Did you get your tags? Did you get your tags?’ And yesterday when when I got the tags, I got home and they’re like, ‘Lets go driving!’ And I said ‘Well we’re going to drive to church and that’s where we are going.'”

Watered Gardens Ministries thanks everyone for their donations over the years, big or small.