Warning About Funny Money in Advance of the Carl Junction City-wide Garage Sale

Southwest Missouri police have sent out a warning after the recent arrest of a woman who had several fake bills in the Joplin area..

Carl Junction Missouri’s city-wide fall garage sale is this weekend and police believe that could provide an opportunity for someone to pass counterfeit bills.
Police Chief Delmar Haase has posted a warning on social media telling people to watch out for the funny money.

He says these particular counterfeits are actually easy to identify. “It’s money they use in the movies”, Haase said. “Instead of ‘in God we trust’ it will say ‘for movie use only’, but there are people that try to pass it and it does occasionally get accepted.”
Haase adds “there’s actually a pen you can pick up for a few dollars that will mark it and tell you. Look for security strips in the money and that kind of i issue because this type of counterfeit is not going to have that issue.”

Other clues can help you spot counterfeit bills. Look for blurred borders, printing or text; make sure the serial numbers on the face of the bills match;and fives, tens, twenties and hundreds made in the past seventeen years should have watermarks.

Haase says he is not aware of the counterfeit money appearing in Carl Junction, but the discovery in neighboring Joplin is reason enough for concern.
Haase says anyone who gets a counterfeit bill should contact local authorities.

Following is the social media post by the Carl Junction Missouri Police Department:

If you are one of our local businesses, running a yard sale or anywhere else you might be taking in cash, please watch for counterfeit money. The bills being passed are very easy to spot, it will have for motion picture use only. These bills are out there and have been passed and attempted to be passed all over our area. So beware. If you do see these bills call your local police department.