Want to pickup KOAM channels free over the air? Here’s some info, antenna options

Once 2 new antennas are installed on KOAM's 1,000-foot tower, many 4-Staters will get a much better KOAM signal
Want to pickup KOAM channels? Here's some info, antenna options
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KOAM – The FCC allowed KOAM News to boost the power of the station’s broadcast signal.

This means once crews install two new antennas on top of the 1,000-foot tower, you may need to rescan your TV. It also means many 4-State residents will get a cleaner signal, and many more will be able to pick KOAM up over the air!

>> More Power is on the way to KOAM, but first, a quick dip (possibly starting week of June 20, weather and wind pending)

>> Learn more about the More Power project (videso, live cam and more!)

After the completion of the More Power project, viewers who watch KOAM News using an antenna may need to activate the “scan” function on your TV.

> Here’s some help on how to re-scan your TV

If you’re still experiencing problems after rescanning, you may need to install a UHF/VHF combined antenna to get KOAM News over the air.

  • VHF/UHF antennas are available for purchase from retailers. The FCC has a list of antennas available online.
  • Viewers with outdoor antennas at 30 feet can check the FCC’s DTV map to see if they should be able to receive a strong signal from KOAM News. All viewers have to do is input their zip code to see the results. Click here to access the DTV map.
  • Viewers can also make a DIY antenna for a fraction of the cost. DIY instructions are widely available online.

Below are some antenna options to buy, laid out by KOAM’s Chief Engineer Bill Vickery.

Indoor Antennas

Medium Range Attic/Outdoor

Long Range Attic/Outdoor

FCC Consumer Guide for Antennas and Digital Television

FCC Consumer Guide for Antennas and Digital Television