Walmart Proves Best Place For Love At First Sight, According To Study

Walmart Proves Best Place For Love At First Sight, According To Study

For those who think work or school is the best place to meet someone, think again. A study published in “Psychology Today” says Walmart is the top place to have “love at first sight” in 15-states. Missouri was one of them, which is why we set out to find a Walmart Love Story in Joplin.

“I guess I owe the love of my life at this time to Walmart,” said Jared Jarvis.

Jared is an Assistant Manager at a Joplin Walmart. And two and a half years ago he met his girlfriend Shannon when he had to scold her for grabbing the latest gaming console on Black Friday before it was time.
“I come over to her, and from the moment I saw her, I mean, she was beautiful, for one, so I asked her what the problem was and kind of pulled her to the side…,” Jared said.

And it was that conversation that sparked an interest. Within a week Jared showed up at her work and worked up the courage to ask for her number.
“She gently wrote it down, handed it to me, and we had our first date, I do believe a week later, and two and a half years later, I mean, here we are,” Jared said.
And according to a study published by “Psychology Today,” Jared and Shannon’s story isn’t as uncommon as you’d think. Using data based on the “Missed Connections” section of a popular website called Craiglist, Walmart placed number one for love at first sight in 15 states. And with between 6,000 and 7,500 customers at his store everyday, Jared says he’s not surprised that other people have found love in Walmart too.
“Lots of relationships, when you get a group of human beings like ourselves in the thousands everyday in a facility, there’s going to be relation ships that get sparked,” Jared said.
But what do the customer’s of Walmart think? We asked them if not Walmart, then where?

“I think most people meet each other in public areas, you hear a lot about grocery stores,” said Christina Cole.
“I still think a better place is in church,” said Lenora King.
“Public places are probably the best place to meet somebody,” said Tessa Stowell.
Jared says he feels lucky have met his love at Walmart. So keep that in mind the next time you visit, because you might find more than what’s on your shopping list.

Nationwide, the second most common place for finding love at first sight was the gym. The study found the number one place in Kansas was McDonalds. And in Oklahoma, it was the State Fair. To find out what places topped the list elsewhere, click here.