Walk to end Alzheimer’s returns to Pittsburg

Walk To End Alzheimers

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Purple flowers spin in the breeze in Gorilla Village Saturday morning. The people holding them have a story to tell.

“Two years ago I lost my brother-in-law to Alzheimer’s,” says Pittsburg resident Kristy Bolden.

“My grandma passed from it, and my aunt currently is suffering from it,” says Frontenac resident Kaitlyn Bray.

“Alzheimer’s is a public health crisis. And being that it’s a public health crisis, it affects one in three people over the age of 83, and one in three people die of the disease,” says Shalae Harris with Alzheimer’s Association.

So southeast Kansas residents are trying to do something about it. The Alzheimer’s Association Walk to end Alzheimer’s returns to Pittsburg after a virtual-only event in 2020 because of the pandemic. This year, the event received a lot of support, full of enthusiastic people like Kristy Bolden who are ready to raise awareness.

“To bring awareness to people that have never had to experience it… and bless them, I’m glad they don’t. But those that have, there is support out there.”

The main goal of the walk is to raise money for the work the association does to support families impacted by the disease, raise money for research to find a cure, and raise awareness on how to get intervention early.

“We see struggles with this in every family in every walk of life,” says Harris. “So it’s important for your work colleagues, for your family to know, and for friends to know the ten early warning signs. And we have free education around that,” says Harris.

So while Alzheimer’s isn’t stopping, neither are they until a cure is finally found.

“Doing stuff like this to help others, even though you’ve lost your loved one, is still very important,” says Bolden.

“No one wants to suffer from it. It’s a horrible disease that puts a mental strain on family and the person suffering,” says Bray. “So if we could find a cure that would be perfect.”

More than 13 thousand dollars was raised for the association leading up to the event. The next walk in our area is on October 2nd in Joplin. To learn more about that walk about the Alzheimer’s Association, follow this link: https://www.alz.org/