Voters to decide on Pittsburg Community Middle School upgrades

Possible Renovations Coming To Pcms


PITTSBURG, Ks. – Hayden King is a Pittsburg Community Middle School alumnus who thinks current students would drastically benefit if the school was renovated and upgraded

“Not only would they be able to go to this half (of the school) but they’d actually be able to use the rest of the school. I feel like it’s not really valuable to the students at all if they just get to look at the rest of the building,” said Hayden.

Hayden is referring to the fact that a lot of the school’s west side isn’t utilized by students, but if the USD 250 school board gets its wish that could change.

“It was built in 1921 so it’s 100 years old, and the architects and engineers that have been there are telling us the structure is very, very solid, and that it’s primed for renovation so that we can keep historic value and also turn it into a 21st century learning space,” said USD 250 Superintendent Rich Proffitt.

The school board has voted to hire Joplin architecture firm Corner Greer and Associates Inc. who will eventually come up with conceptual designs for new parts of the school that can help staff teach students new things.

“We are a growing school district in a growing community and we do need a little bit of space, but really more of the plan right now is to meet the ongoing needs of career exploration and preparation,” said Superintendent Proffitt.

But some big changes inside the school doesn’t mean its iconic castle-like appearance is going anywhere.

“What you see on the outside is really what we want you to see on the outside when the project is done,” said Superintendent Proffitt.

But in order for the project to even start, it has to be approved by voters since the school board is hopeful they’ll fund the renovations with a bond referendum.

“We’re trying to look at this so that we can go in at a zero million increase. And so we’re taking care of some space needs, we’re taking care of educational needs, we’re taking care of a building which is iconic, and we can do it, potentially, at no cost to the taxpayers,” said Superintendent Proffitt.

Pittsburg taxpayers will be able to decide for themselves when they vote on the middle school bond referendum which is currently being worked on for the upcoming November elections or a special January election.