Vision Carthage unveils artwork for future downtown mural project

Local artist Andy Thomas draws from childhood memories for inspiration

CARTHAGE, Mo. – The name of the project is titled, “Big Dreams Grow in Carthage” — celebrating famous Carthaginians who were either born or grew up in Carthage.

“They knew they wanted to honor famous people, and we have quite a few from Carthage,” says local artist, Andy Thomas. “They knew they wanted to tie in something with the art. And so, I think, perhaps that fantastical version vision of Carthage which is maybe the bridge that I used to put those two things in there.”

Life-long Carthage resident Andy Thomas is the artist behind the mural. Thomas used inspiration from growing up in Carthage.

“People who grew up in Carthage — really that’s the way they think of Carthage,” adds Thomas. “We have a very fond childhood memory of it. And it was beautiful colors and beautiful buildings and so it’s not far off the mark for the ones that grew up here.”

The mural will be installed on the east wall of McBride’s Antiques. Owner Keith McBride says the artwork is a great way to showcase the city’s history.

“The older generation will say you know I went to school with Felix Wright or your great-great grandma worked with Annie Baxter or you know somewhere along that line.It’d be a great sense of community. And it will give kids and older generations a sense of pride,” says McBride.

Thomas’s original artwork is going to be replicated and printed on tiles that will be put together and stand about 28 feet tall and 44 feet wide, intending to inspire the next generation.

“You know, I grew up with Janet and Felix. Felix just loves sports. He was good. Janet had this fertile-intellectual mind. She was just probably curious about stuff, so childhood fun and curiosity can lead to great careers,” says Thomas.

“You can do amazing things. You’re not limited by where you live,” adds McBride.

Vision Carthage says they are looking to raise between $100,000 to $115,000 for for this project. The goal is to begin in the spring of 2021.

You can donate here.