Vision Carthage joins ‘America In Bloom’ program for third year in a row, making a difference in the community

Local businesses are benefiting from the work the organization does

Priscilla Bledsaw owns the Boots Court Motel in Carthage. It’s a historic route 66 attraction for its vintage 1949 look.

“There really isn’t anything that gives a better impression of a town when some stranger drives into it then well maintained horticultural effects along the route. It just gives a sense of neatness, order, friendliness and all the things a city wants to be known for.”

The motel gets help revitalizing its appearance through Vision Carthage, where volunteers plant new flowers and shrubbery around the building.

“This motel needs to have floral plantings in order to look right and there’s a lot of planting to be done every single year” added Bledsaw.

The organization focuses on the beautification of the town to help attract more visitors to the area.

“It’s a beautiful community, it has a lot of culture, it has a lot of history and we want to make sure that that history and culture continues” said Vision Carthage former President, Jackie Boyer.

This is Carthage’s third year registering with America In Bloom to get insight on how to further improve the community.

“It helps to promote small towns, or all size towns really into making it a better place through beautification, historic preservation, improved landscaping, forestry” said Vision Carthage board member, Bryan Stringer.

This year Vision Carthage is restoring the sidewalks in town, improving a roundabout and adding an All-American selection garden to the Episcopal Church.

“It also helps us with the community, the community sees that Carthage is trying to better itself so they plant flowers outside their houses more than ever before and we hope that continues” added Stringer.

The groups work aims to also benefit the local businesses in the area, just like it has for Boots Motel.

“You can’t even quantify the amount of benefit you get from that kind of effort” added Bledsaw.

Vision Carthage is a non profit organization and relies heavily on donations and fundraisers to make their projects happen.