Vision Carthage hosts workday to improve local homes

CARTHAGE, Mo. –Central Avenue and Baker Boulevard in Carthage is essentially the entrance to the city.

 “It’s the front door if you will with people coming off of the highway into town,” said Abi Almandinger, Executive Director of Vision Carthage. 

Vision Carthage wants to revitalize, restore, and beautify it. house by house.

“So last fall we actually worked on the other side of the street and now this fall we wanted to complete that, we’ve had the trees trimmed, and we meet with every homeowner, they come out now and help generally,” said Almandinger.

Volunteers from the national honors society, boy scouts, and habitat for humanity spent their Saturday beautifying lawns in Carthage.

“And then of course just the vision Carthage volunteers that follow us and just love to help out in any way they can.”

Volunteers who came out to the workday, were doing so to improve their own community.

“Well to be honest it makes other people’s lives easier as a part of you know getting out you know…I was just a part of you know helping the community you know it’s just a good opportunity so I was like why not just do it,” said volunteer Landon Parker. 

This work not only adds beauty to Carthage, it also benefits those in need of these services.

“What I’m finding is most of the people that we interact with the property owners are either elderly, many of them are disabled and so many of them as well are just overwhelmed you know…most of them haven’t had any sort of minor landscaping so the landscaping really beautifies in ways that just make it a lot prettier,” said Almandinger.

“You know some people don’t have the ability to do that you know with all covid going around and some people might just don’t like being outside, that’s what we’re here for you know we like to help people,” Parker said. 

And they’re trying to help the community, one lawn at a time.