Viral photo prompts an outpouring of love from Chiefs fans

A Young Chiefs Fan Upgrades A Broncos Shirt
A young chiefs fan upgrades a broncos shirt
A young chiefs fan upgrades a broncos shirt


SHELDON, Mo. – A young Chiefs fan in Sheldon, Missouri recently learned a lot about his fellow fans in the Chiefs kingdom.

Daniel Abbott is a kindergartener who keeps getting Broncos gear sent to him by his great uncle, a Broncos fan, even though Daniel loves the Kansas City Chiefs.

Daniel wore one of those Broncos shirts to his school’s spirit week, but he told his principal that he was really a Chiefs fan, so the superintendent came up with this quick fix: He taped a printout of a Chief’s logo over the Bronco’s logo on the shirt!

The photo of the makeshift Chiefs jersey went viral, and now Chiefs fans from all over are sending Daniel, his family, and his classmates a ton of Chiefs gear.

“It’s good to see that there’s people out there who care, and it’s not like this family needs this stuff. They’re not in need. This was just a joke that turned into this amazing thing,” said Sheldon Schools Superintendent Jason Irwin.

Jason’s classmates are also excited to get some Chiefs care packages which fans are sending to the school.

Superintendent Irwin says this event shows the Chiefs community is about a lot more than just football fandom.