Victims Describe Being Attacked by a Joplin Gunman

Victims Describe Being Attacked by a Joplin Gunman

There are now six victims of the shootings in Joplin on Saturday along with two comfort dogs.
Don and Debbie Pugh became targets of the gunman on 32nd street. But they are finding a miracle in what happened.

Don Pugh, who was shot twice said, “I feel blessed. Blessed. I feel really blessed.”

Hard to imagine, but that’s how both Debbie and Don Pugh look at his being shot on Saturday.
Debbie added, “I feel like God was there with us because, it could have been worse. The one bullet hole by the door was up by the window and could have went in his head and killed him.”

Their truck is riddled with bullets. Five in the door where Don was sitting.
They were preparing to turn onto Texas avenue heading to work at national health care when Don noticed a van with its lights off.
Don said he flashed his own lights, “I was trying to warn him, let him know that his headlights were off. He kind of pulled up close to our pickup. Debbie seen the gun but I didn ‘ t.”
Don added, “And I just heard like five shots, ” ” Five pops, ” explained Debbie.

Don said, ” And I pushed her out of the way. ”
Debbie chimed in, “To prevent me from getting shot. He’s always told me he would die for me, and I think he would and I would for him.”

One bullet went through his leg leaving fragments of shrapnel. The other
he said showing his chest, “Hit there, right there, went in here and come out underneath the arm pit..”

Debbie said she was shocked and noticed, “I look, blood was pulling out of his shoulder. My uniform pants was splattered with blood. His blood had splattered on me.”

The Pugh’s say they were first angry and bitter about the attack but now say they have no grudges against the suspect.
Debbie said, “It ‘ s very sad cause I have sons not that much older than him. He had his whole life ahead of him and now his life is ruined.
And my husband and I have no bitter feelings toward him. We forgive him.”

The Pugh’s say they have compassion for the suspect’s father, whom they say was a target himself.

Don is getting pain killers for his wounds at the hospital but the couple says the shooting brought multiple miracles.

Debbie explained, “They say everything happens for a reason. We get here. It ‘ s a miracle. No organs damaged. No bones hit. No surgery. Everything clear through just a matter of holes having to heal. And then because they did all the tests on him, they find he ‘ s got a blockage in his artery that we didn ‘ t know about. Been there for a lifelong time. Ninety-nine percent blockage. They said it was a wonder he hadn ‘ t had a stroke.”
Don will have surgery Monday to repair the artery.