Victim of Joplin Burglary Defends Suspects

Victim of Joplin Burglary Defends Suspects

A victim of a recent assault and burglary case in Joplin says she needs to clear the air. She’s now coming to the defense of the 2 suspects.

Caitlin Blevins says what a police press release reported happened on her property a few weeks ago just isn’t right. According to the Joplin Police suspects Corey Walstead and Travis Morris were arrested after police were told they broke into Blevins’ house.

“They made themselves known that they were here. We did not tell them to leave or anything like that. They’re welcome on my property,” says Blevins.

She says she is not being forced to do so but feels the need to clear the suspects’ names.

“I just feel like what has been released to the community has been solely for the purpose of the JPD making the community afraid of these men when in all reality they are great people,” she adds.

Officials with the Joplin Police Department say the report is based off of what officers were told on the scene.

“Upon their arrival the female and male victim that lived at that residence reported that 2 males had broken in to their house and assaulted them and attempted to steal property,” says Corporal Luke Stahl with the Joplin Police Department.

Blevins says they didn’t tell police much but now says that the dispute was all a misunderstanding.

“The door was open and I was not assaulted or thrown on the ground like the press release said,” says Blevins.

Corey Walstead reached out to KOAM/FOX14 and admitted to striking the male victim. He agrees that the incident was all a misunderstanding.

The Jasper County Prosecutor says no charges have been dropped or changed.

“The Jasper County prosecutor’s office filed charges of first degree burglary against these 2 suspects,” says Stahl.

“Really it was just a misunderstanding between everybody. Once everybody sat down and talked and got all of our facts straight, everything has been taken care of,” says Blevins.

She adds that she did not call 911 and that her hand must have accidentally brushed the emergency call button. According to the JPD, its sticking by the information in its press release.