Veterans shuttle service coming to Fort Scott

Shuttle service will take vets to Topeka VA
Veterans shuttle service coming to Fort Scott
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Veterans in the Fort Scott area will soon have an easier way to get to and from doctors’ appointments in Topeka.

The VA has partnered with a local veterans group to bring a shuttle service to town — something that could be a big deal.

Army veteran and Bourbon County resident Darrell Spencer says right now, he can still drive to Kansas city to the VA hospital for appointments.

Darrell Spencer, Army Veteran, Bourbon County Resident:”So far I’m still able to travel up there, so I’m still going there.”

But — according to Myra Jowers with the Fort Scott American Legion.. that’s not something many veterans in the area can say.

Myra Jowers, Fort Scott American Legion:”They either don’t want to bother some one else to take them and they’re not able to drive themselves, or they don’t have the money to put gas in their gas tank.”

That’s why Spencer has decided to help out with a new veteran shuttle service.

Spencer:”It’s something I feel that I’m capable fo doing.”

The Fort Scott VA clinic has decided to team up with local veterans from the American Legion to offer a new veteran shuttle service — taking vets from Fort Scott to Topeka and Leavenworth for appointments.

Carl Jowers, Organizer, American Legion Post commander:”This is gonna be a really good impact for our veterans cause there’s a lot of individuals without transportation and they have to beg or borrow a ride from Fort Scott to Topeka. So this way they can schedule an appointment a day they shuttle’s running, be at our departure point by 6:15 a-m, and we’ll get them to Topeka, and we’ll have them back that afternoon.”

Jowers also says the service will be open to any veteran that needs it, regardless of where they live.

Carl:”Anyone who needs a ride that’s a veteran can catch a ride with the shuttle.”

All so veterans can more easily get the care they need.

Spencer:”I’m anticipating that once the word gets out that we’ll be kept busy with doing it.”

The first trip for the shuttle service will take place on February 5th.

If you want to reserve a seat for the shuttle, call 785-925-0261 and leave a message.