Vernon County Residents Cleanup After the Storm

Vernon County Residents Cleanup After the Storm

There was plenty of damage throughout the region following Monday night’s storm.

In Vernon County, Missouri, the shingles on John Zoglmann’s roof are loose, he’s fixing the damage after riding out the storm.
“We were sitting there and the lights went out and the wind picked up and you could hear it pretty good,” says Zoglmann.
Then a tree fell on his house.
“Just a big old thump and you knew something had hit,” he says.
He’s thankful no one was hurt but woke up to a lot of destruction on his property. Up the road, his irrigation system toppled over and a 40 by 60 foot shed was destroyed.
Throughout the county, others are dealing with the same type of damage. The day after the storm is always a long one for the Vernon County Emergency Manager.
“Sometimes it’s really hard to get out there and find that damage and of course you can imagine the time it takes to drive up and down every road to find that damage,” says Dennis Kimrey, the Emergency Manager.
He takes pictures of what he does find, knocked over fences and debris that might indicate which direction the storm was moving in.
“Then going back, I probably will get a map out and kind of draw out if there was a path to that storm, if it was just straight line winds or if it looks like it was maybe the path of a tornado,” says Kimrey.
He will work with the National Weather Service to determine if they need to send officials out to survey the land.
Zoglmann has to wait on the insurance company, he can’t even begin to estimate the cost of what he’s lost.
“I don’t’ know what’s damaged in the shop as far as tools and there was a truck in there so at this point I don’t have a clue what might be, but a lot,” says Zoglmann.
He says he’s lucky, in all of the years he’s lived in Southwest Missouri, this is the first time they’ve been hit this hard.
Kimrey also reports that a semi flipped over on I-49 and a tree fell across a woman’s car while she was in it. He says no one was seriously injured.